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In the era of a connected world, Digital Transformation is a cultural shift that integrates technology with an organisation and its people. Adopting technology and tools in every area of an organisation not only changes how the businesses are done, but also minimises the gap between customer expectations and business delivery. This accelerates growth, leads to innovative products and solutions and helps businesses to expand globally.

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What it takes to create Digital Transformation?

This age of Digital Transformation gets triggered with skills disruption, and that’s just the start. The entire process of unlearning to benchmark one’s professional prowess to the new-age platforms and then ascending the curve to be ahead in a competitive market, has more to it than what meets the eye. At BTC, our team of experts help the organisation to devise a strategic plan in adoption of technologies and thrive in their digital journey.

Our consulting and advisory help our clients to harness the power of data, intelligence, analytics and cutting edge technology, most appropriate for their industry type. We create a highly bespoke solution that helps in smooth and swift transitioning to new-age technology and virtual business models, paving the ways to newer opportunities.

We believe the future is digital and the only way to succeed is through continuous improvisation through a pragmatic approach.








For a complete digital transformation, it's important to plug-in the right blocks together. We call it “enablers” in the digital ecosystem. Our consultants help organisations by providing a holistic, yet modular approach by utilising and optimising every technology that can contribute to the success of the digital journey.


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Most Trusted Partner in your Digital Transformation

As the most reliable and preferred digital transformation consulting firm, BTC provides 360-degree digital transformation approach to revamp your business keeping the technology and the culture in mind.







Abhijeet is a Biz-Tech Consultant in the areas of emerging technologies, cloud, mobility and analytics. He is a seasoned professional with strong negotiation skills, managerial and leadership qualities, a fast learner and robust problem-solving logics. With a successful career spanning since 1993, he has demonstrated success in IT Policy & Strategy Formulation, Business Process Analytics and Intelligence, CCSK (Cloud Security Alliance & ENISA Certified), ITIL (EXIN Certified) Process Implementation & Compliance, Six-Sigma (GB) Methodology, Project Management, Technical Enterprise Design/Architecture/Implementation/Operations and IT Vendor Management.



Aditi Tarafdar comes aboard Boston Technology Consulting as a Consultant – Partner of SaaS Business Applications & Digital Transformation BU. Her skills are in SAP & SAP Cloud Platform, SaaS Applications like Blue Yonder across diverse categories IS-Retail, Logistics Supply Chain & distribution, IS – Utilities – Oil & Gas, Solar Energy, Power, CPG. She has worked with IBM, iGATE, Atos in the JPAC region, MENA - for Digital-first enterprises that are data-driven. She has also worked for emerging markets that include Turkey, Israel, South East Asia & Latin America. She can communicate fluently in Spanish, Japanese (L1 & L2) & Turkish – Arabic (L1).



Kailas has worked on Business Engagement and Presales for Data Center Solutions (On-Premises, Colocation, Cloud), End-Point Solution, Information Security, Messaging/Communications and Business Automation for clients across the globe. He specialises in strategic IT Infrastructure solutions, Cloud - Hybrid Compute, End-point Planning & IT Infrastructure Security. With more than 22 years of industry experience, Kailas is highly proficient to perform scientific assessment based on business objectives and provide a comprehensive, optimised, and achievable advisory to the client.



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Digital transformation (also DX or DT) leverages technologies to create value and new services for various stakeholders (customers in the broadest possible sense), innovate and acquire the capabilities to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances.

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