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At Boston Limited we pride ourselves in the level of high quality customer service we provide to our clients. From the receipt of a completed returns form a clients enquiry goes through a whole set of procedures set in place to ensure that a returns request is turned around as quickly as possible and any queries regarding the RMA are instantly traceable.

Our close relationships with the chosen vendors that we have collaborated with ensure that if a product replacement is required we can clear RMA's with a genuine speedy response. Where a product is available from stock we will endeavor to replace faulty items as quickly as possible.

If you need some guidance on how to package your returns correctly, please refer to our guide below.

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RMA Service

Prior to returning merchandise, you need to obtain an RMA number from our customer services department.

In order to request an RMA, start a new request on our Partner Portal. You can also use this site to track any outstanding returns that you have already send to us.

Once we receive your request we will process it and you will be issued a returns number via e-mail. This e-mail will also contain a pre-completed shipping label to make things easier and allow us to track your delivery upon arrival.

It is advisable to re-package your returns in the original packaging, otherwise in a suitable alternative, to ensure protection from damage in transit.

If you can't use the shipping label we provide, the returns number must be clearly and boldly marked on the packaging.

Your RMA number is valid for 14 days from date of issue.

If you require any further assistance please contact us.

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RMA Policy

When a system is returned for repair:

  • Boston will inspect all items on arrival and will hold no responsibility for damages that may have resulted in transit, or for any missing parts. Boston will notify the customer should any of the above have been discovered on inspection.
  • Boston will not service any parts or accessories that were not pre-installed by Boston.
  • System/server damage caused by components not pre-installed by Boston will not be serviced by our RMA department.
  • The item shall be returned back to the customer in the same packaging as it was received in.
  • Should any additional charge or component need replacing, that is not covered within the warranty, Boston will notify the customer.
    • Boston will only service servers or systems entirely assembled at our facility.
    • The entire system should be shipped in its original pre-opened condition back to Boston without accessories unless otherwise specified.
    • Boston shall not service any RMA requests if the system is returned with any extra parts or components installed in it.




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