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Helping clients build proactive and resilient systems to shelter them from rising cyber security threats




Organisations that adopt connected technologies and data-driven strategy for business growth also invite the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Cyber Security threat is one of the most critical issues faced by organisations across the globe today. This calls for an information and technology system that is robust and well-prepared for the known risks.

At BTC, we believe that adopting a security-aware culture and cyber hygiene can mitigate the cyber risks and data breaches to a very large extent. A detailed technical assessment of the system on a timely basis can also help to identify an approaching issue. Deploying a strong, resilient system with proactive and reactive solutions can help for faster recovery.

BTC Cyber Security consultants work with the client’s leadership, project managers and security vendors to develop a high-level strategy by understanding the nature of business and potential risks.








Certified Consultants

Our certified auditors and professionals carry the experience that an organisation needs to address cyber security and data issues and protect them from rising cyber threats



Industrial experience

Our consultants have worked with a variety of industrial segments including finance, manufacturing, utilities and government and can provide tailor-made solutions



Global Exposure

Our team’s global exposure helps mitigate the risks and offer better advisory in compliance with various market standards
(ISO, CISA, PCI, etc.)



Security Culture

Implementation of a “good” security awareness culture is the key to a resilient system. We strive hard to develop such culture through awareness programmes







Ravindra (a.k.a Ravi) has been providing expert advice and implementation of Industry Standards like ISO, ITIL, Data Center, Data Privacy since the year 2000. He has worked with multinational companies at global locations helping them set up IS solutions, periodic security and compliance audit, risk assessment, privacy information management, business continuity consulting and data center design and setup. Ravi is ISO 27001, ISO27701, ISO22301, CISA, CDPSE, CSA Star, ITIL SO3, Data Centre Certified Professional.



Kailas has worked on Business Engagement and Presales for Data Center Solutions (On-Premises, Colocation, Cloud), End-Point Solution, Information Security, Messaging/Communications and Business Automation for clients across the globe. He specialises in strategic IT Infrastructure solutions, Cloud - Hybrid Compute, End-point planning & IT Infrastructure Security. With more than 22 years of industry experience, Kailas is highly proficient to perform scientific assessment based on business objectives and provide a comprehensive, optimised, and achievable advisory to the client.



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Cyber-attacks and security breaches have increased in frequency and sophistication. Disruptive and innovative emerging technologies are vulnerable. Data breaches involve personal data, government data, financial data, and political data, leading to a much more critical situation.

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