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The biggest challenge that lies in the industry today is the humongous data available from a variety of sources - fragmented and unorganised. Such data is meaningless if there is no information extracted for futuristic decision-making. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are just as effective as the valuable insights drawn from the data points. The need for generating bigger and actionable insights can be fulfilled with the right strategy and the right technology.

BTC consultants help companies to plan their Big Data strategy that helps in effective collection and management of data. Coupled with the use of technology, we help companies to select the right database management system, real-time data processing services and analytics solutions. We assist customers to sail the big data journey and implement business strategies through data-driven decision-making.

Our team of experts help to ideate and develop a completely scalable ecosystem to harness the real potential of Big Data.




Through our all-encompassing service portfolio, we help to convert business data into organisational assets. With the help of new-age technology and tools, we enable the customers to streamline their business processes and make data-driven decisions.





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Sushant carries a little over 17yrs of diverse industrial experience in Database Engagement and Solutions Engineering. He has worked on database design and architecture, database technology operations, database BCP/DR and strategic solutions, database automation and security and project management. He is well versed with technologies from Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, HANA, Big-Data and has exposure of working with large enterprises to SMB companies.

Sushant's certifications include: Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), and Oracle Autonomous Database Professional (OADP).




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In today’s digital era, the companies and brands who turn their data into valuable insights are the true winners. A business intelligence and data-driven approach is now the industry standard across the globe. The data is intelligently analysed and enables business users to make smarter and faster decisions, improving overall business efficiency.

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