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Boston Roamer MU-VR [Multi-User VR]

Virtual reality is quickly becoming the medium of choice for a variety of leisure and commercial applications including; gaming, simulation, engineering and training; to name a few. The Roamer MU-VR disrupts the limitations of the traditional single-user VR setup; where historically VR has used a gaming PC or workstation, yielding challenges when running the latest applications.

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Boston Roamer MU-VR Overview



The Roamer MU-VR uses enterprise hardware and virtualisation technology to overcome the barriers of an outmoded conventional VR setup. Delivered in an easy-to-ship, turn-key, 10U ruggedised server rack; the MU-VR can mobilise up to 4 VR-users in less than 30 minutes with minimum fuss.



VMWare ESX enables each of the users to share a single server but utilises a dedicated NVIDIA® Quadro® P6000 GPU for the best quality experience possible. Using virtual machine images too means that new users, profiles and applications can be managed and deployed easily and quickly in a streamlined fashion.



This turnkey solution has a use in virtually every vertical - with its remit only restricted by the software available. The result of the Roamer MU-VR is that shared experiences, such as training, sales promotion or even gaming attractions can be literally assembled on demand and on almost any location where power is available. 



Whether working with start-ups or publicly listed organisations, our in-house experts will work to tailor your multi-user VR solution for your exacting requirements; whether that's a hardware or software specification, use-case or financial restriction. The Roamer MU-VR can be leased in certain circumstances, please enquire for more information and a tailored quote.

Test out the Roamer MU-VR at Boston Labs

We have opened up our research & development facilities to now offer testing on the Roamer MU-VR for the first time and actively encourage customers to try the latest simulations available. Alternatively, run your own software on our pre-production unit or simply try one of our wide variety of demos to see for yourself the power and ease of the Roamer MU-VR concept. Remote access is to be announced shortly.

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NVIDIA Elite Solutions Provider

Boston is the only NVIDIA Elite Solution provider in Northern Europe. Boston was hand selected by developers based at NVIDIA in the USA to evolve the MU-VR concept and bring it to the global market. First demonstrated at GTC Europe in 2017, the MU-VR has evolved with rigorous testing and is now available exclusively through Boston on pre-release.

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Boston Roamer MU-VR Solution

Boston Roamer MU-VR

A turnkey solution for use in virtually every vertical

  • Multi-User Virtual Reality Turnkey Solution Delivered in a 10U Shipping Crate
  • VMware ESX for Virtualisation
  • 4 x NVIDIA® Quadro® P6000 GPU’s
  • 4 x HTC® VIVE®
  • Supermicro® GPU Optimised Server
  • 2 x Intel® Xeon® Processors
  • 128GB DDR-4 Reg ECC DRAM 5 x 128GB SSD’s 

Blog Post


With queues around the booth all week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Boston Roamer MU-VR solution was the most popular demo on the HTC Vive booth.

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Press Release


Multi-user systems open up opportunities to use VR in a wide variety of use cases, and Boston is excited to lend its expertise, support and lab facilities to make it a reality. 

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"According to research firm IDC, worldwide spending on augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is expected to hit $17.8 billion in 2018, a 95 percent rise from last year. So when Boston was approached by solution architects at NVIDIA in 2017 to develop and bring a multi-user VR concept to GTC Europe, we knew we had the expertise to take the concept and make it a reality. The first production-ready solution was presented at MWC 2018 in Barcelona and was heralded as one of the top 5 VR experiences by The Sun [UK Press]. With the support of our partners, and the exceptional amount of interest we have received already - the evolution of VR has arrived!"

Manoj Nayee, Managing Director, Boston Ltd.

Hot off the press

Boston Limited announces the Boston Roamer MU-VR. Major investment, in partnership with Supermicro and NVIDIA, has gone into the research, development and evolution of a multi-user VR concept that removes the need for the traditional single "workstation per-user" set-up, the single unit; fully transportable; Boston Roamer MU-VR is now available for testing at our Boston Labs facility.

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