LSI LSICVM02 Cache Vault for 9361 and 9380 Series

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CacheVault Flash Cache Protection Module for 9361 and 9380 Series


LSI LSICVM02 Cache Vault for 9361 and 9380 Series

RAID controller cards temporarily cache data from the host system until it is successfully written to the storage media. While cached, data can be lost if system power fails, jeopardizing the data's permanent integrity. CacheVault flash cache protection modules and battery backup units (BBUs) protect the integrity of cached data by storing cached data in non-volatile flash cache storage or by providing battery power to the controller.

The LSI LSICVM02 is the CacheVault Flash Cache Protection Module for the 9361 and 9380 Series.


Key Features

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with CacheVault technology by reducing hardware maintenance and disposal issues associated with lithium-ion batteries Battery backup units allow for higher ambient temperatures Provides additional peace of mind for all MegaRAID controller cards Enjoy configuration flexibility with many chassis mounting options


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    Cache Protection for RAID Controller Cards

  • Manufacturer

    Avago Technologies (LSI)

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