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VMware Anywhere Workspace

The vast majority of UK employees want to continue working remotely after the pandemic. Both employers and employees find benefits to working from home, including increased productivity, a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, or improved job satisfaction. The Anywhere Workspace solution enables modern enterprises to quickly scale IT services – reliably without sacrificing performance or security.




Discover how VMware and Boston will help you drive resilience and growth

Mapping the Employee's Journey in the Anywhere Organisation

Put your employees first with best-in-class technology and the flexibility of seamless, consistent, high-performing applications accessible from any device. Deliver frictionless experiences from onboarding employees to proactive and instant support, anywhere, anytime. Zero Trust security improves the security level. Workspace automation reduces complexity and operational overhead.


Uncompromised Uptime and Availability

Deliver the necessary tools and infrastructure capabilities that enable your distributed workforce to stay productive. A holistic approach combines industry-leading technology, Zero Trust security and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. To avoid shadow IT users easily find and install all the apps they need for work from a centralised app catalogue. This not only minimises the security risk, it reduces the TCO and increases employee engagement.





More Diversity

Employees are more engaged with device choice, workplace flexibility, and seamless, consistent, high-quality experiences. Remote work creates opportunities for different types of people and puts all employees on equal footing. Organisations can recruit from a larger pool of candidates.



Lower TCO

Build powerful management workflows and reduce operational overhead. An intelligent compliance, workflow and performance management quickly identifies, prioritises and generates automated actions. Fewer tickets, tools, and silos help IT to drive business outcomes and innovation.



Improved Security

End-to-end Zero Trust security across all solutions secure the Distributed Edge. Micro-segmentation and situational intelligence minimise the footprint of enterprise data on a device and in transit shrink the attack surface. A holistic approach provides comprehensive visibility with ubiquitous security.




A high performance, cost-effective and energy-efficient disaggregated server architecture helps the environment as well as your budget. Optimise key components of TCO, such as free-air cooling, power efficiency, node density and networking management to reduce the operational costs of your IT infrastructure.



Better Business Results

With our solutions, many organisations can significantly reduce initial capital and operational expenses. Using analytics that pulls in data from across your end user computing environment, as well as from partner's external sources, you will identify issues and trends at a very early stage, reducing complexity.



Competitive Edge

True market leaders serve a purpose and invest in their workforce. Our disaggregated and intelligent approach allow enterprises to independently optimise adoption of new and improved technologies. VMware's and Boston's industry-first architecture approach delivers benefits to the entire organisation, from the CIO and CISO to all employees.



Automate the Workspace

In a distributed organisation, workloads and data have to run and be moved easily between the datacentre, multiple clouds and the edge. Switching to an outcome-based approach with an intelligent compliance, workflow and performance management significantly simplifies and streamlines the protection and administration of complex IT services landscapes. Through centralised management and automation, IT teams can provide the anywhere workforce with the best quality of experience (QoE).


Redefine Security

Make it easy for employees to work anywhere, anytime, on any device, without compromising security. Leverage your infrastructure and control points in new ways and connect apps and data, regardless of where they run, from the data center to the cloud to the edge. Move to Zero Trust with situational intelligence across applications, workloads, clouds, and devices.


What Leaders Need to Know

Remote work is no longer an option. New priorities, including rapid setup, instant scaling, remote support, and robust security are examples of the emerging considerations that companies are facing under this new normal. To gain a competitive edge, many companies are constantly adding new soft- and hardware to their IT bouquet. Too many solutions and platforms overwhelm users and admins. It's important for businesses to take advantage of shifting mindsets to meet the work-from-home expectations and to tame their IT zoo.


Unleash the Power

The Boston Roamer Solution range provides a sustainable, secure, and scalable digital infrastructure which can be tailored to your exact requirements. The ready to deploy server range integrates HPC, Big Data and Cloud resources into a converged platform that is capable of running any application at any scale. Our VMware certified server configurations simplify your IT infrastructure and accelerate the implementation of your innovative business ideas.




How to Work From Home

For employees who work from home, every day is "bring your pet to the office" day. But even without a pet, the remote office poses a number of challenges. In order to make everyday office life in the anywhere organisation a success, we have summarised some tips in a blog post.


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