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Posted on 14 February, 2024

Advantages of Verified Node Solutions for Azure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s premier hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) cluster solution, empowering the execution of virtualised workloads in a hybrid setting that merges on-premises hardware with Azure cloud services. The latest iteration, Azure Stack HCI version 22H2, introduces enhanced security features and a multitude of improvements, including Network ATC v2, storage replication compression, Hyper-V live migration and more. Collaborating with exceptional Supermicro hardware platforms, Azure Stack HCI propels hybrid cloud operations to unparalleled heights.

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Benefits of Supermicro’s Verified Node Solutions for Azure Stack HCI

Introducing the newest Microsoft-certified hardware solution from Supermicro, now offering even more capabilities. This state-of-the-art hardware solution is now compatible with the latest generation Supermicro X13 and H13 hardware platforms, delivering leading industry performance. We've expanded support to include a 1-node cluster configuration, providing you with added flexibility in your deployment options.

At the heart of this solution is a dedication to quality. Through meticulous pre-validation and optimisation processes, we ensure that you receive a solution that meets the highest standards. This results not only in exceptional performance but also in high availability and scalability. You can effortlessly scale out your cluster from 2 nodes up to an impressive 16 nodes, adapting to your ever-evolving needs.

Customisation is key

We've made sure to offer you a wide array of options. Choose between Intel and AMD platforms, All-flash and Hybrid configurations, and explore multiple form factors, drive combinations and network bandwidths. With these choices, you can tailor the solution to align perfectly with your requirements.

Embracing the power of the cloud

Our hardware solution boasts native Azure Hybrid capabilities. It's delivered as an Azure Service, ensuring that you're always up to date with the latest security features. Managing your on-premises HCI cluster is a breeze through the Azure Portal. Seamlessly integrated with Azure services such as Azure Monitor, Azure Backup and Azure Security Centre, this solution offers a comprehensive ecosystem to support your operations.

When it comes to pricing, we're mindful of your needs

Our flexible per-core subscription model allows for efficient cost optimisation. What's more, you won't encounter any upfront licence costs for the Azure Stack HCI OS, simplifying your budgeting process. However, do note that if you're running Windows Server VMs on Azure Stack HCI, the appropriate licences are essential. You'll need either a Windows Server 2022/2019 licence or a Windows Server subscription – further details can be provided by a member of our sales team.

Transitioning to our solution is remarkably smooth

We've designed it to be user-friendly and easily manageable, regardless of your familiarity with the technology. Whether you prefer a GUI-based approach or working with scripts, our deployment and management processes cater to your comfort. Plus, our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing IT environment, leveraging your existing virtualisation and storage knowledge.

This Microsoft-certified hardware solution from Supermicro is the epitome of performance, quality and flexibility. With native Azure Hybrid capabilities and unparalleled integration with Azure services, it ensures you're always at the forefront of innovation. The pricing model is designed to optimise costs, while the deployment and management processes are streamlined for your convenience. Step into the future of technology seamlessly while leveraging your existing skills and concepts.

Intel®-based Solution

Supermicro’s Intel-based Hardware solutions for Azure Stack HCI now proudly incorporate the best-in-class X13 systems featuring the exceptional 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (codenamed Sapphire Rapids). These systems are further enhanced with DDR5 memory, PCIe 5.0 technology and NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Network adapters.

These Supermicro solutions are meticulously pre-validated and thoughtfully designed to meet the rigorous demands of IT environments. They excel in providing unparalleled performance, adaptability and serviceability, making them ideal for critical enterprise workloads.

This comprehensive solution encompasses Supermicro’s extensive product portfolio and offers a range of configurations. It starts with a minimum of 1 server node (exclusive to All-flash NVMe and All-flash SSD setups) and scales up to an impressive 16 nodes within a cluster. Each node within the cluster is equipped with the latest Intel XEON Scalable processors, a combination of DDR4/5 memory, NVMe caching devices and various drive options, including All-NVMe, NVMe+SSD and NVMe+SSD+HDD. The implementation of RDMA-enabled high-speed networks ensures seamless and efficient operations.

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