Posted on 18 May, 2023

Imagine stepping into a virtual realm where colleagues from around the globe can seamlessly collaborate, where geographical barriers vanish, and where productivity knows no bounds.

Multi-user VR opens up a world of possibilities, enabling teams to engage in virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions, and problem-solving activities as if they were in the same room.

Picture the scene; the International Student House in Great Portland Street abuzz with activity and hype from the next generations best and brightest and a Boston led event with these heavy hitting industry heavyweights.

Our Extended Reality Showcase with NVIDIA and HTC on the 4th of May was specifically tailored for the Industrial Design, Corporate Enterprise and Gaming industries. We powered up our @Supermicro MU-CXR machine and experienced it’s use in several enterprise scenarios including:

  • Virtual prototyping for industrial design with Autodesk VRED with multiple VR users in the same instance so they could see and interact with each other as well as the scene
  • Omniverse demo assets consisting of The House and The Warehouse, single user experience
  • A virtual reality demonstration of gaming technology with The Lab - single user experience

Enterprise grade, high-definition, wireless headsets from HTC VIVE displayed the low latency, high fidelity professional grade softwares, both standalone and omniverse content to ensure play was as tight as possible to the program running.


Miodrag Relic kicked off the show with introductions joining our team, guests and super hardware.

The man, the myth, the legend - Miodrag

Cobus setting up Omniverse – hooking up the lines.

Our on the road solution from the front – Multi-User CloudXR solution on wheels


Time to get the talks going with some delicious grub - using and managing VR is hungry work! A Boston brunch buffet of culinary delights, would thank the caterers/event hall greatly for this


Dev Tyagi spoke of our mission as futuristic thinkers in a world full of possibilities, and how catching the keys to cool technologies we have will drive your dreams true.

Abhijeet describes how Boston Technology Consulting advises and architects excellent end-to-end solutions, from the initial ice breaker conversations to implementation, installation, and further IT services.

Sam Watteau explains how global integration of MU-CXR solutions can be localised by our collection of active regions.

Abhijeet doing what he does best – laying down
the steppingstones to achieving business goals.

Sam giving the MU-CXR localisation pitch – how we have a team
on hand around the world to support your transition to
immersive technologies

Dev focusing on who business actualisation – what would you like to
achieve as a business? And how can technology guide you.

The Stage is yours

Networking calls! Moments of admiration for the technology and an opportunity for our experts to reveal the existing business operations they are transforming.

NVIDIA engaging with customers about the technology involved

HTC Vive Focus 3

Andrew Churchill applauding the stage

NVIDIA LIVE - Cobus Bothma presents

Cobus spoke of Omniverse, what it can be used for, what it is capable of, and Omniverse video demos.

Cobus explaining what and how Omniverse is the next best thing
since sliced bread and wireless headsets used to bring the tech to life.

One of our guests fully engaging with the technial demo

Mr Harry Virdi from HTC engaging with the Megamind, Pete Wilsher himself.

Keith Russell from HTC

HTC shared their new line of products and how HTC is building a better world.

From the inside looking out - what the eyes see before
placing on a VR headset.

Keith Russell delivering the pitch about HTC in enterprise scenarios.

Boston’s, Hemant Mistry wearing slides through the headset

Relax and unwind...

Lunchtime for customers and colleagues - well deserved and very well received.

Mitesh D, Supermicro

A selection of meaty, vegan and fruit snacks

Choclate bricks, as each brick plays a role in forming a house

Final Play

Winding down for the day the Boston team got a chance to use the kit for themselves.

Dan, Dan, the Boss Man. As a gaming enthusiast,
our Head of Technical Services
Dan Johns shows us how it’s done.

Emil “Hawkeye” Szkuta trying some archery

In true May 4th style, of course our ending scenario
was a Star Wars game.
May the force be with you, finish. *fade to black*

Pete Wilsher, Field Application Engineer, and XR mastermind, said:

With the creation of CloudXR and our original MU-VR (Multi-User Virtual Reality) solution, we are capable of bringing the best of both worlds together with the MU-CXR – Multi User CloudXR sessions all in a self contained solution with no strings (or rather cables!) attached.

With the power of current and next generation components and all of our partners, we are proud to give a seamless VR experience and cater to any size deployments from a single user to entire groups, using nearly any traditional, all-in-one or XR capable mobile devices.

These experiences offer so much! Through realistic simulations, professionals can develop new skills, tackle high-stress scenarios, and foster innovation. Whether it's refining workplace designs, accelerating training and onboarding processes, or even replicating physical office spaces for remote workers, the potential is limitless.


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