National Employee Appreciation Day!

Posted on 03 March, 2023

Whether someone has really excelled in their role or gone above and beyond their remit, we reward our staff with Employee of the Month! Our staff can nominate anyone they wish, whether in their department or elsewhere in the business - let's take a look back at our previous winners.


Rebekah Fitzgerald - Sales Support

Since day one of my journey here at Boston, she has been nothing less than an amazing teacher/trainer and support. She aims for our success, and she always go above and beyond to help us in everything we need.I am very much grateful for everything she has though me and all her support.

Keely Law and Hannah Vullo - Logistics

For all their hard work preparing for the stock audit and making sure the audit went smoothly on the day, it was a long full day with the auditor and didn't finish until after hours. All their preparation made a big difference again this year with a good outcome. Thank you to you both. Also, a special mention for Ian and Stevie for their support with it and to Jordan for stepping up on the day to help with the audit. Excellent team effort.


Thomas Mitchell - Tech

Continuously going above and beyond to find solutions, close customer tickets and having a constant level of professionalism in addition to calmly dealing with issues raised with the wider team. Also, for working outside of hours to make sure any problems that require additional support are given it, be it on site or time critical.


Sue Budd - Compliance

She has worked extremely hard to make sure we had everything in place for our Health and Safety audit, including chasing up with multiple people outstanding actions. Good job, thanks Sue.


Hannah Vullo - Logistics

She is not only extremely fun to work alongside by bringing such a positive and fun vibe to the office, but she is also incredibly helpful and approachable when it comes to any questions and helping us out. She is always willing to help the room from answering Logistics questions to questions about the settings on my PC.


Charly Andre and Emma Lyons - Overseas Operations

Charly has only been with Boston for 2 months and Emma only 7 months, however whilst their supervisor was off for over 2 weeks, they covered the work for the whole department including Alex's accounts. They used their initiative to deal with things that only came up for the first time. They remained calm and collected throughout and most importantly, allowed Alex to come back to everything being in hand and no stress!

In addition to the above, I constantly receive positive feedback from other employees on what a huge difference they have made to the energy in their office, making it a fun and positive place to me. Well done both of you, excellent effort!


Alex Alvarez - Overseas Operations

Alex is not only the best Supervisor to work with but goes out of her way to offer so much support in everything work related and personal. She goes above and beyond in doing her job and more. She strives for the best to get the best results for her customers and the team. Not only does she work in Overseas Operations she also dabbles in a bit of sales too and wins her own orders. She is a true delight to work with and making working with her even better than it was.


Katherine Spencer - Finance

For coping extremely well under pressure and holding the AR team together during the holiday season. Also, for always being cheery and bringing some fun into the finance team – well done Kat!

JULY 2022

Alex Peiu - Build

For keeping the Build department running for a whole week while Mike, JJ and Luke were all off. That week was one of the busiest periods to date.

Emma Lyons - Overseas Operations

For smashing her first 3 months at Boston. She always has a smile on her face no matter how busy the day is and she is always willing to help other people to get the job done. Well done Emma

Since joining in March, she has hit the ground running, going above and beyond to learn her role and do it to a high standard, including improving a customer relationship, this led to Emma passing probation 2 months early. Also, for covering the whole of Overseas department by herself whilst her supervisor was on annual leave taking it all in her stride. In addition, just a genuinely nice person to work with, making it a happy place to be!

JUNE 2022

Alexandros Avdis - HPC

He has made a massive impact and put a great deal of work into a problematic HPC installation, going beyond to ensure the continued customer relationship.

Kyle Cunningham - Warehouse

The warehouse team has been short staffed for a while since two people left. Kyle was recently promoted and has really stepped up. Not only has he had to manage the warehouse after 2pm with just one person every day, he has also had to contend with an extremely busy month, and training. He has even started wearing his PPE and turning up on time! On a serious note, the challenge Kyle was presented with gave him a great opportunity to shine and he has grabbed it with both hands and run with it. The whole team has worked tirelessly over the last couple months, but we wanted to recognise the huge amount of improvement Kyle has shown, he is a great asset to Boston!

Special Team Award - The Build Department

For their continued hard work and dedication during our busiest periods.

MAY 2022

Hannah Vullo - Logistics

Throughout the month of April she was repeatedly and unexpectedly put in a situation where she was left to run the logistics department on her own. After being away for so long I was expecting to return to a stressful high workload, but Hannah kept on top of everything and had it all under control. Not only did she have logistics to look after but also stock management and our cooperation with warehouse. I received positive and impressive feedback from at least 4 other managers about her work ethic and positive attitude at handling this daunting task. Whilst all of this was going on there were also several high importance shipments happening which Hannah managed to get delivered despite the issues she faced as well as lack of resource. Hannah always approaches her work with initiative and a can-do attitude and deserves to be recognised for it!

Bethany Assell - Purchasing

Beth has picked everything up during training so quickly to the point where we decided to pass her probation early. Since then she has been such a helpful asset to the Purchasing department taking on any tasks we pass to her with a positive attitude. Whenever an issue crops up she will always do what she can to think of solutions. Taking into consideration the short time she has been here she has really stepped up to her responsibilities and we’re excited to see how she can progress moving forwards.

APRIL 2022

Hayley, Nikki, Nagib and Sue - Compliance

For all their efforts preparing for the ISO audit, persistence with gathering everything we need from departments and doing an excellent job over the two days audit.

MARCH 2022

Jon Howard - Tech

For working long hours all through the weekend to support the IT team & making sure everything was working as it should for employees after our power cut.


Waseem Pervez - Tech

He’s worked tirelessly with multiple people from NVIDIA and Supermicro on two separate projects day and night to help develop new platforms for Boston to demonstrate and sell.

Warehouse and Logistics

I would like to nominate a group of people who gave up their Saturday(s) to come in at 6am and support stock taking the whole warehouse! A big task but everyone worked as a team to get the job done. Massive thank you to Hannah Vullo, Petros Bellos, Jeff Colt, Ian Pomfret, Jordan Perrin, Kyle Cunningham and Isaiah Edwards. A special shout out to Keely Law for organising it all and bringing coffee and croissants to keep us all going and also to Emma Wicks for inputting all the checks on the system.

Keely Law - Logistics

I would like to nominate Keely Law, in her first three months at Boston in a new role, she has hit the ground running reviewing and implementing improvements to processes in Warehouse, Stock Management and assisting other departments. In addition, Keely’s commitment in preparing, planning and carrying out the stock audit with many early starts, late nights, and weekends. A massive thank you, it is appreciated! Since she has been back at Boston going above and beyond, all the hard work around the stock audit and helping with other team managers to help better and improve processes, just going that extra mile in general.


Rebekah Fitzgerald - Sales Support

For going above and beyond with all of her current tasks, and how quickly she has picked up the responsibilities within the team!

Her positive vibes always has a good impact on everyone around her in the office! Amazing performance so far, well done Rebekah.

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