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Posted on 17 May, 2021

IBM® Spectrum Scale™ is a cluster file system that provides concurrent access to a single file system or set of file systems from multiple nodes. The nodes can be SAN attached, network attached, a mixture of SAN attached and network attached, or in a shared nothing cluster configuration. This enables high performance access to this common set of data to support a scale-out solution or to provide a high availability platform.

To handle massive unstructured data growth, storage must scale seamlessly while matching data value to the capabilities and costs of different storage tiers and types - IBM Spectrum Scale meets these challenges and more. It is a high-performance parallel file system for managing data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform archive and analytics in place.

Part of the IBM Spectrum Storage™ family of solutions, IBM Spectrum Scale is an enterprise-grade parallel file system that provides superior resiliency, scalability and control. Based on IBM General Parallel File System (GPFS™), IBM Spectrum Scale delivers scalable capacity and performance to handle demanding data analytics, content repositories and technical computing workloads. Storage administrators can combine flash, disk, cloud, and tape storage into a unified system with higher performance and lower cost than traditional approaches. With thousands of customers and nearly 20 years of demanding production deployments, IBM Spectrum Scale is a file system that can adapt to both application performance and capacity needs across the enterprise. By including IBM Spectrum Scale in their software-defined infrastructure, organisations can streamline data workflows, help improve service, reduce costs, manage risk and deliver business results today while positioning the enterprise for future growth.

Simplified data management at scale

IBM Spectrum scale is a parallel file system, where the intelligence is in the client and the client spreads the load across all storage nodes in a cluster, even for individual files. In traditional scale-out network-attached storage (NAS), one file can only be accessed through one node at a time by an individual client, limiting performance and scalability.

Advanced data management

IBM Spectrum Scale can help improve performance, lower costs, add resiliency and simplify collaboration with algorithmic and policy-driven data movement, copying and caching. IBM Spectrum Scale catalogues data across multiple storage pools, including the cloud. It tracks usage profiles, storage latency and a broad range of standard and custom metadata from which data movement policies can be constructed.


  • Consolidate storage across traditional file and new-era workloads for object, Hadoop and analytics use cases
  • Achieve new operational efficiency and cost effectiveness—deliver up to 10 times higher performance on the same hardware1
  • Help lower the cost of data retention up to 90 percent through policy-driven automation2
  • Improve application performance with scale-out and flash-based acceleration
  • Enable collaboration and efficient sharing of resources among global, distributed teams Transparently tier to and from cloud object storage on-premises or in the cloud


To find out more about IBM Spectrum Scale, visit our microsite or contact our Sales team on 01727 876100.


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