The Micron 5210 and 5G

Posted on 10 February, 2021

Helping you turn your analysis into action like never before, the Micron 5210 ION SSD delivers the speed needed at the right price to unshackle read-intensive workloads from the slow performance of HDDs. Providing real time analytics, big data, media streaming, block and object stores and data ‘lake’ queries that feed AI and Machine Learning, this product benefits from your ability to insights and intelligence at the speed of now. Most recently, Micron 5210 has also proven its fast memory and vast storage can also enable the management of 5G data deluge.

Some of the key features of the Micron 5210 include vast HDD replacement, bandwidth low latency for a just-like-being-there experience and an infrastructure that could support the transition from Wi-Fi to 5G. This SSD can help you deliver what you need, where you need it.

From providing business insight to sorting big data twice as fast, and to modern applications responding 7x faster, we investigate the various scenarios the Micron 5210 ION SSD could benefit your business.

Business Insight when you need it

Scenario: Travelling exec, needs to leverage most recent BI in upcoming M&A discussion. 5210 generates latest data, 5G can get it there.

The Challenge: When travelling for business, a lot of projects means your work will be everywhere. Sometimes it might take longer to complete something as you are spending more time looking for what you need. It's like looking for essential, actional nuggets in heaps of business data. This means it is important for business executives to locate data quickly and understand it better in order to make more informed decisions. 

Solution: The Micron 5210 can help you query your business data faster and find those important nuggets to make more informed decisions sooner. When analysing the performance of the 5210, Micron found the platformed showed 8.6x higher storage throughput. On a business intelligence workload, the 5210 enables 10x faster business query performance on site while 5G can deliver the data to the travelling employee quickly. Find out more on how the 5210 can increase your Data analytics processing here.

Sort big data twice as fast — and act on it

Scenario: Product release pending. Decision maker on vacation (has 5G). Analytics done twice as fast, 5G can get the report out, decision maker goes back on vacation.

The Challenge: In a world that now heavily relies on data and arguabley becoming the life blood of today’s business success, how this data is sorted has a big impact on how quickly businesses can respond to new information. More businesses are looking for faster, more efficient analytics solutions and are moving to Apache Spark™ to meet this requirement.

Solution: Apache Spark takes advantage of high-performance DRAM and flash to bring faster time to insights for your business. Micron understands the demands put on these resources by these solutions and have used their expertise to define a high-performance Micron accelerated Hadoop analytics solution using Spark to move your business analytics to the next level. Micron analyse that the analytics required from a 5210 can be undertaken twice as faster with 5G that allows for low latency and spends up the responsiveness of the decision maker. Read more here.

Mobile users demand rich content. Everywhere.

Scenario: Content streaming to hundreds of 5G enabled devices.

The Challenge: Red Hat® Ceph® is the go-to-scalable, open-source storage solution for a broad set of business solutions. While content distribution networks (CDNs) and OpenStack virtualised solutions both leverage different Ceph functionality, both benefit from the strengths of Ceph when paired with cost-effective SSDs like the Micron 5210 ION. With multiple users streaming the same content, different start times is a small IO, read workload. 

Solution: The Micron 5210 has 450x the small, random read performance of legacy, high capacity HDDs. 5G-enabled devices provide lower latency for better responsiveness and bigger channels to speed up data transfers which allows Ceph® users to take full advantage of SSD performance. To read the full results of what happened when Micron's Solution was tested for Ceph Storage, click here.

To discuss how the 5210 SSD is the perfect solution to your business needs, you can contact our Sales team on 01727 876100 or emailing [email protected]. The Micron 5210 is also available for testing at Boston Labs - request your test drive below today!

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