Micron Crucial SSDs

Posted on 11 February, 2019

Micron SSDs are Crucial for you

The first SSD to challenge hard drives is here!

When purchasing an SSD, you're ultimately purchasing a drive that is going to store all of your personal and valuable information. Your data is only reliable as the drive it's stored on so why not get the best?

For more than 30 years, Crucial has developed, designed and refined some of the world's most advanced DRAM and NAND technologies. Crucial SSDs are designed and developed by Micron, one of the largest NAND manufacturers in the world. They are built with custom firmware and Crucial's own cutting-edge NAND technology that has been optimised to work with the controller.

Crucial SSDs offer superior:

  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Expertise
  • Support

SSDs are a lot faster as they don't have any moving parts which could slow your computer down - they are ready to go when you are! Crucial SSDs offer faster application loading times and better system responsiveness.

To understand more about Crucial by Micron, use the resources below:

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