Solarflare transforms cloud hosting at CloudExpo

Posted on 09 March, 2018

Solarflare, will be joining Boston at CloudExpo with some exciting announcements.

Solarflare, a pioneer in the development of low-latency networking and Linux application acceleration, has unleashed its XtremeScale™ NICs and Onload™ kernel bypass software on cloud hosting. Used together, the products eliminate operating system overhead and power up to 400% higher performance for load balancing, database caching, container apps, to name just a few.

Acceleration technology unlocks efficiency and cost savings. For IT organizations tasked with increasing the efficiency of their Linux-based web and application hosting environments, kernel bypass technology is a key to unlocking the performance potential of servers, while driving down the number of servers and CapEx needed.

Killer Cloud Apps for Acceleration Technology: Software Load Balancing

Load balancing NGINX, Seesaw, Neutrino and HAProxy and others are killer apps for Solarflare Onload™ kernel bypass because the Linux kernel is often the bottleneck for these applications. Implementing kernel bypass dramatically increases the efficiency of software load balancers by reducing the number of CPUs needed to handle large volumes of Linux kernel calls and network packets. In this case greater efficiency means more workloads with less servers.

Killer Cloud Apps for Acceleration Technology: Database Caching

For cloud service providers using Redis, Memcached, or other in-memory databases, Solarflare XtremeScale NICs, together with Onload kernel bypass software, reduce system overhead to make database caching go even faster. Solarflare is demonstrating a performance increase of up to 400% using the redis-benchmark utility which simulates the running of commands by multiple clients. The bottom line is more clients supported on less servers.

Killer Cloud Apps for Acceleration Technology: Container Apps

A common problem that occurs when Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat-based container apps are sharing network connections is Linux context switching, the constant suspending and resuming of processes which kills applications performance. Solarflare addresses this problem with the industry’s first Ethernet NIC with “ultra-scale connectivity,” the ability to establish virtual connections from a microservice, to thousands of other microservices. Combine ultra-scale connectivity with acceleration technology and the result is higher container throughput, or the same throughput for more workloads per server.

Solarflare will be joining Boston at CloudExpo, London on 21st and 22nd March, meet Solarflare there or contact us today for more information. 

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