1TB of Storage in a 1U

Posted on 18 September, 2017

Boston are pleased to announce the forthcoming 1U all-flash NVMe Storage Systems and JBOF chassis supporting 32 hot-swap NVMe SSDs of standard U.2 and the new Intel® Ruler form factors. 

With 32 NVMe drives, these new solutions will reach 1PB of storage capacity in just 1U of rack space when the 32TB NVMe drives become available shortly. This is a game-changing announcement from Supermicro® who are global leaders in enterprise computing, storage and networking solutions.

Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro says; "With Supermicro 3.0, our enterprise customers benefit from the industry’s broadest selection of first-to-market server and storage systems with global reach, premium quality, RAS security, rack scale management and global services, and our new all-flash 32 hot-swap drives in a high-density 1U system design is the latest example of how Supermicro continues to lead the way for NVMe technology. With more than triple the all-flash storage density of previous 1U solutions, this Supermicro system will take us to Petabyte scale in a single 1U system in the near future.  This new JBOF supports flexible configurations with up to twelve hosts or head nodes and extremely high data transfer throughput up to 64GB per second.”

The Boston Labs will be welcoming a these solutions shortly - to express your interest in testing or purchase please contact us

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