Designed with extreme in mind

Fanless rugged computers from Manchester, UK - designed in-house and manufactured to survive and perform in the most inhospitable workplaces.
As a member of the 2CRSi group, Tranquil IT have expanded access to the newest technologies on the market.



TRANQUIL IT is a market leader in designing and manufacturing fannless, rugged enterprise level edge computing equipment and increadibly durrable chassis. Since 2003, they have been a staple in rugged and low energy IT systems. Their products are built with harsh environments in mind as outside agents infultrating the machine is a very real risk - due to this, moving parts and fans have been removed. Asside from the benefit of a having shock-resistant system, it consumes less energy because of the lack of fans making it cost efficient in terms of maintenance and upkeep as well.





No fans allow an important decrease in power consumption, and increased lifespan of the product, making Tranquil's products more sustainable!



Dust & dirt resistant

A fanless computer eliminates the risk to draw in dust and dirt from the environment, the cause of potential failures and costly downtime




The Absence of moving parts enable Tranquil IT products to resist shocks and vibrations for increased reliability


Tranquil IT's rugged workstations come in a variety of forms depending on your needs and tasks, which are: Pico, Slim, Mini, and Compact. They all share some similarities like their small footprint, reliability due to the fanless design in an IP51 rated chassis, all running on the best components. The challenge at hand will determine which model is suited for the task.
Finally, the Rugged Desktop is ideal for remote management and monitoring estates of equipment, meanwhile being able to run 24/7 in less-than-ideal conditions.

These servers were designed to be used at the edge, sporting up to 8 cores and 128 GB of RAM – making it a powerful tool in applications where the Rugged workstations has difficulties to compete. Such a server is capable of server-grade remote management, all the while, using dual power supplies to ensure minimum down time. Much like other Rugged products, the Rugged Server has an IP rating of 50 making it maintenance free. Furthermore, it is capable of operating in temperatures between 10°C and 35°C.

Tranquil IT's microclusters, in short, are portable devices that mimic data centers. Having high performance and low power consumption makes this range unique as you can set up a data center practically anywhere. Sporting a multi-node structure and their integrated switch make microclusters incredibly versatile, all the while being powered by Intel Core up to i7 and intel Xeon. They can work as an external cloud, run AI applications, or creating a scalable workspace – their versatility cannot be overstated as these systems can be tailored to the client's needs.




Transport (Maritime)



Outdoor Use



Automatic Number Plate Recognition



Unmanned Aerial Vehicle