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On site test facilities available for your use

New and improved technologies are emerging all the time, and this can be a daunting situation for customers planning their future projects. Making the right decision about new hardware is a difficult proposition, made even harder when clients are unable to test and understand the hardware first before making their purchase.

We recognise this challenge, so to help our clients make informed decisions about new technologies, we have opened up our research & development facilities and actively encourage customers to try the latest platforms using their own tools and if necessary together with their existing hardware.

Understandably, some customers may not be able to visit our labs in person. Therefore arrangements can be made for test systems to be set up in our labs with remote access via RDP, SSH or other means; enabling you to trial our solutions from wherever you are in the world.

Further options such as customisation and branding can also be discussed and demonstrated for clients looking for us to brand and customise their own range of systems and appliances.

Boston - Build & Tech Lab

What you could be testing right now...

Boston Venom 2401-7T

Boston Venom 2401-7T


  • Powered by dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 V2 CPUs
  • NVIDIA® Maximus™ Technology
  • Innovative Liquid Cooling
  • Up to 7x 3.5" HDDs and 4x 2.5" SSDs

Boston Viridis ARM® Microservers


  • 192 cores per 2U enclosure
  • Ten times the performance at the same power in the same space
  • Cut energy and space by 90%
  • Industry leading low power consumption (<300W)
Boston Cloud 1024-EX

Boston Cloud 1024-AP


  • Certified for CA's AppLogic Cloud Platform
  • 24 Compute Cores
  • BFC Controller Included
  • 144GB Memory
  • 7.6TB Local Storage
  • Resource is expandable with compute & storage shelves
Boston R1000 MD SimCluster

Boston R1000 MD SimCluster


  • GPU acceleration for faster AMBER and NAMD simulations
  • Cut down simulation time from days to hours
  • Powered by up to 32 NVIDIA Tesla GPUs
  • Supercharge your research with TESLA GPU SimCluster today!

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