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ZeusIOPS is a unique solid state drive designed to create a storage performance revolution for enterprise applications. ZeusIOPS enables storage systems to realize outstanding, sustainable Input/Outputs per second (IOPS) to relieve performance bottlenecks associated with traditional rotating media disk drives.

ZeusIOPS breathes new life into existing storage infrastructures, increases server utilization, and reduces the total cost of ownership.

ZeusIOPS eliminates the wait time for processors associated with rotating media access latency. One ZeusIOPS drive can replace multiple hard drives, eliminate the need for additional volatile DRAM, and ease the cliff-like performance drop-off in performance from DRAM to rotating media. ZeusIOPS Solid State Drive is revolutionizing the way businesses access critical data by overcoming the performance bottleneck inherent to traditional rotating media HDD storage.

ZeusIOPS SSD Benefits

  • High Performance
    ZeusIOPS Solid State Drive delivers the performance of 200 HDDs with just one drive. While hard drive access times are measured in milliseconds, access times for ZeusIOPS are in microseconds, enabling a significant increase in random transactional processing.
  • High Reliabilitye
    ZeusIOPS Solid State Drive uses no moving parts and is twice as reliable as the best-in-class enterprise class disk drives. ZeusIOPS provides a new level of reliability for critical computing environments.
  • A Green Leader
    With data center storage capacity requirements increasing 50-60% per year without an end in sight, it is more important than ever to keep volatile power and cooling requirements in check. Without motors to spin or parts to move, ZeusIOPS consumes about a third of the power of a typical data center disk drive and requires far less cooling. ZeusIOPS is available in a lead-free (RoHS-6) version.
  • Seamless Integration
    The ZeusIOPS SSD drive that fits seamlessly into existing enterprise storage infrastructures. Because there are no drivers required, ZeusIOPS appears to any system or RAID controller as just another drive that can be managed by existing storage management tools; true plug-and-play elegance.
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation
    For comparable performance requirements, a 200 hard disk drive storage system can cost 5-6 times as much as a ZeusIOPS system because of additional up-front hardware as well as recurring maintenance, power and cooling costs.


Key Features

Random Transactional Performance in excess of 80,000 IOPS sustained 2.5" Form Factor for drop-in replacement into existing storage systems Less than half the power consumption of 15K HDD's Sustained random or sequential large blocks transfers to 350 MB/s Built-in Wear Advanced Leveling Enabling MLC and SLC media for enterprise class performance


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    Solid-State Drives (SSD)

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  • Operating Temperature

    0°C ~ +60°C

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    Operating Mode: 12V
    Sleep/Idle Mode: 5V

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