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Liquid Cooled Blade

Many of the current efforts around solving heat problems fall short of providing a cost effective and scalable long term solution. Technology simply progresses too fast for them to be viable.

Standard air cooling is fundamentally inefficient and doesn’t address heat production at the device level. Other approaches, such as spot cooling, can require significant and costly structural redesign.

Liquid Cooling technology is the answer.

By fully submerging the server’s components in an environmentally friendly, dielectric fluid, liquid cooling maintains a core temperature within the system – at least 30°C lower than traditional servers – while eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning.

Liquid-cooled server solutions, such as the innovative Liquid Submerged Server (LSS™) 220 by Liquid Cooled Solutions, are able to run High Frequency Trading applications up to 10% faster than stock-speed servers without sacrificing reliability, while reducing cooling costs by over 80%.

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